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If you are a professional in the financial, medical, legal, consulting or educational arenas a prospective client will most certainly use the internet to research your credentials.
A sophisticated website enhances your legitimacy and credibility and communicates your expertise.
Enhance your  professional image and reputation with a professionally designed website that will reflect your professional endeavors and reputation.
A professional website will motivate your visitors to learn more about your services and entice them into take action.
Our online business solution makes it easy to manage your website and run marketing campaigns, care for your customers and sell your products. Our all in one solution replaces 10+ tools that are essential for internet businesses with one, central console. This saves you time and money, while future-proofing your online business.
Key benefits of our solution:
You are empowered to quickly and easily edit and update web pages. A built-in contact management system, so you can build stronger relationships with your customers.

With our email marketing capabilities built in, along with our next generation reporting, your clients can do some serious email marketing. Our eCommerce capabilities enable you to build an online shop for your clients, allowing them to sell products online and collect payments in real-time.

Your online business can be easily found via search engines. You can get SMS and Email notifications instantly when you have an inquiry or order come through your website.

Get a birds-eye-view of your online business as soon as you log in, with integrated reporting.


The use of the internet has doubled in the past five years. In North America over 75% of the public now use the internet. Even in the current global economic environment there are no signs of it slowing down. Your competition and audience are no longer located down the road, but is now at the end of an internet connection.

The public now expects businesses and organizations to have a website that can provide basic information and a method to make contact. A website has become as indispensable as printed brochure or telephone.

If you have either a personal or business website a regular review of internet technologies and trends is essential component of any web marketing strategy. Eagle Innovation uses a consultative analysis approach to identify your specific requirements. Our goal is to provide a detailed assessment identifying the best value for your enterprise.

We can develop a tactical strategy that's easy to understand and implement. Please contact us with your requirements.

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Web Development

A successful Web Development plan requires a continuing process of strategic reviews. These reviewing strategies augment the branding identity and objectives of the organization or individual internet presence. A Web Development strategy process encompasses many components; website design, database integration, content management, hosting, search engine optimization, and e-commerce solutions to mention a few.

The ever-changing internet technology can be complicated and overwhelming. A misguided plan can be a significant drain on available resources and can be very costly if wrong decisions are made. With the enormous demands on your time finding resources to give your endeavors a competitive edge can be daunting. A properly orchestrated strategy helps contain the scope of work, direct the content creation process, and provide tactical direction.

With over thirty years of business development expertise Eagle Innovation is uniquely positioned to assist you in establishing a viable Web Development strategy.

Web Design

In real estate it is location, location, location. However, even with an ideal location the property must be visually appealing or it won't sell. For a website the important factor is content, content, content.

If the website's design is not engaging, difficult to navigate, the visitor will move on regardless of the content. You would not place a family portrait on a wall secured with a thumb tack or duck tape. Nor would you place neon or flashing lights around the portrait. Both methods detract from the content of the portrait. Balance must be maintained between design and content.

Your website is the foundation and focal point of your entire internet strategy. The website design and content must complement each other. The goal of your web design must enhance the content and not compete with it, be interactive, and differentiate your brand, image or product.

Whether you are seeking a personal or a business website Eagle Innovation can select the appropriate web design and technology that will enhance your prospective internet purpose.


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Digital Marketing

The rapid growth of the internet environment has created a plethora of buzzwords. The huge potential of the internet to market goods and ideas has created the atmosphere for marketers to generate a hip catchphrase whenever a new trend or technology emerges. Which internet marketing technologies will provide the best return on your resources?

A tactical internet marketing plan can greatly enhance your brand, find new patrons, and add value to your image. The first steps are getting the visitor to your site and provide an unsurpassed human interaction experience. Then convert these visitors into patrons or devotees.

So what is the best approach? Among your options are: an email marketing campaign using permission or interruptive methods ; SEO by either pay per click, or organic optimization techniques; social or business media network (blogging, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn. etc.)

Eagle Innovation can help you decide on the marketing technology that will optimize your resources.

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Reporting & Analytics

Analyze customer activity - Record various interactions customers have with your site, and use advanced tools to track and report on those interactions. Powerful reporting tools cover most aspects of your website.  

Performance analysis - Track top-performing pages, most popular online products, order volume, and more. You get everything you need to monitor, measure, and analyze performance.

No extra tracking code - Forget manually adding complex tracking codes to each individual page. Take advantage of a range of powerful reporting tools, built in and ready to go.

Performance monitoring - Access key metrics, charts, and a live feed of customer activity every time you log in to keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

E-commerce and customer reports - Easily set up custom e-commerce and customer reports for anytime access. Drill down into your business performance data or export it to Excel, PDF, and CSV formats.

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